St. Joseph, our home

St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Parish was established in 1985 by the Jesuit Fathers of the Eastern Africa Province of the Society of Jesus. Nowadays they run two churches: Christ the King and St. Joseph Catholic Church.


Among other pastoral missions, they created the St. Joseph the Worker Development Office, whose purpose is to coordinate and manage the various development projects that the parish has engaged in over the years.

These are the project run at the present time:


  • Upendo program: sponsoring orphans and vulnerable children from pre-school education through the completion of secondary or post-secondary education, providing individual psycho-social support.
  • Uzima program: it supports people living with HIV by providing social assistance, (including nutritional support, home care, individual and group counselling); it also promotes AIDS prevention activities and support to gender violence victims.
  • Dolly-craft women cooperative sewing project: income generating activity for vulnerable women. They produce religious vestments and other products such as African dolls, puppets and bags, selling both internationally and locally.
  • Health program and Dispensary: they provide basic health care and access to medication to the community; it  also has a maternity unit.
  • St. Joseph Technical Secondary School: its aim is to educate both academically and professionally the youth of Kangemi, providing them a high quality technical training for an affordable price.

All of them have always been guided by the Developments’ Office Vision: seeking the creation of “a society free from all forms of discrimination, where everyone has fair access to adequate human capabilities and the opportunity to actualize their potential”.

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